Abandoned places and things

Abandoned places fascinate me. Did someone really build a house and decide not to use it? Building a railroad is a lot of work. How did it come to pass that we don’t need it anymore?

Most of these pictures are shot on film using a collection of old cameras that are my go-to when I want to slow down, savor the act of looking closely at things, and imagine their stories.


That time I drove a taxi…

I put myself through college driving a taxi on the weekends. Driving a cab in the burbs is different than in a city, and you frequently see the same customers. After about a year, I started taking pictures.

My instructor hated the entire concept, and my peers couldn’t understand why I was driven to do it. It wasn’t until the last day of the course that my teacher looked at it all and said he finally “got it”.

Get advice and accept criticism with humility and an open heart, but if you’re really motivated to do something don’t let other people tell you whether it’s worthy.


I’m a person…

…so everything is personal

We call it “personal work” to separate it from what we do for a living; to create a distinction between the way we answer challenges we put to ourselves and the challenges posed by others.

It’s not a bad thing to do, but those distinctions say more about process and less about form to me. The reason I’m holding a camera on any given day is far less important to me than the fact that I get to hold one.